FoTTSA info

Formed in June 5, 1990, the general purpose of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations is to provide a township-wide basis for the affiliation of associations of individual ratepayers who own properties containing a seasonal residential dwelling or a residential dwelling in those parts of the Township of Tiny in the County of Simcoe designated “Shoreline Residential” in the Official Plan of the Township.

Specifically, the purpose of FoTTSA is to:

  1. promote the aims and objectives of residents of the shoreline communities of Tiny Township generally, and in particular to promote the aims and objectives of local associations of such residents;

  2. promote the protection, enhancement, and wise use of the environment of the shoreline and the shoreline residential area of Tiny Township;

  3. encourage and assist the formation of local associations of shoreline community residents in areas where such associations do not exist;

  4. provide a forum for members to discuss issues and exchange information;

  5. lend assistance to members in informing themselves on issues of concern and pursuing such issues to resolution;

  6. monitor area development, considering the principles of sound land-use planning and environmental management;

  7. promote the development of, improvement of and/or changes in policies of governments or government agencies where such action is deemed appropriate to the furtherance of the purposes of the Federation;

  8. promote the adoption and/or enforcement of governmental laws, bylaws, standards or practices where such action is deemed appropriate to the furtherance of the purposes of the Federation;

  9. raise funds to conduct activities furthering the purposes of the Federation, and to place funds on deposit with a bank or trust company in Ontario until required for such purposes;

  10. hold lands or other real or personal property as may be necessary to further the purposes of the Federation.

FoTTSA may be  more familiar to FLCA members as the publisher of the Tiny Cottager, a local newspaper distributed to community members who have mailboxes.

As members of FoTTSA, FLCA members receive discounts on various retail outlets in the Penetang and Midland areas simply by presenting your membership cards.  A current list of those participating in the discount program is available on the FoTTSA web site below.

For more information on FoTTSA and its activities and positions on various issues, please see the FoTTSA web site, Tiny Cottager, at