Member survey result

In order to ensure we provide ample opportunity for members to provide their perspectives on a variety of topics that then guide the Board in its plans, online surveys have been conducted as a tool for that input.

The FLCA Board conducted the most recent online survey in May of 2018 to gather information from members about our direction, what matters most, what changes should be considered, and how the Association was doing on behalf of its members.  There were 49 responses with 85% being shoreline residents and 18% being back lot residents, (a couple of respondents owned both a shoreline and back lot property hence a number greater than 100%). 83% of respondents had been on the lake longer than 5 years. Herb reviewed a number of the questions and the results. The overall ranking from participants of 4.48 out of 5 for satisfaction with the performance of the Association.

The top responses for what is most important to the members were clean water and swimming, followed by peace and quiet with wildlife viewing and protection of the natural shoreline close behind.  The enjoyment of non-power boat sports was not that far behind.  Issues that needed to be addressed were consistent with current efforts - environmental issues, water quality and septage management being the top three, with the high water levels of the past couple of years being a new priority.

Email was indicated as the most popular communication vehicle rather than social media but the fact that those responding were typically the owners needs to be considered.  If we want to engage the youth in the community we need to make better use of social media.  Educational articles and updates from the Board were the most important in terms of what to communicate.